Aims and Objectives

March 31st, 2009

Two Basic Aims

The first aim is to mobilise the authority and legitimacy of thousands of health workers and global health advocates to speak out and act on global economic governance.

It is not enough to campaign on diseases or sector-specific issues such as health financing or the price of medicines. We have to also address the social, political and economic determinants of poverty, injustice and corruption.

The second aim is to support and encourage the international public health community to work with the community of experts and advocates who are tackling the issues of unjust, ineffective and ecologically-damaging global economic governance.

This is also important because ‘global health’ provides a critical platform for shaping economic policy and governance. For example, trade policies and agreements that better serve health ‘goals’ are more likely to reduce poverty levels and less likely to aggravate inequality and global warming. Similarly, a transport policy that promotes exercise and physical activity would not just promote health but also reduce the effects of transport on global warming.

But we will not achieve these and other goals without more democratic and accountable global institutions. EG4Health has been established to enable the global community of health workers to support and promote this reform agenda.

Our Operational Objectives

    1. Channel the voice of thousands of health workers to influence discussions on global economic reform

    • Two ways we are doing this are: the thirty second EG4H survey and the open letter to Dr Margaret Chan available on our website. Our target is 5000 respondents and signatories for each.

    • We will also develop specific campaign material for the international health community to lobby relevant actors. So far we have drafted an open letter to G20 leaders.

    2. Inform the health community about global economic governance

    • We provide a variety of materials on our website – ranging from short one page ‘primers’ to longer and more detailed explanations of how global economic governance impacts on health, and what needs to change.

    • We provide links to relevant organisations and campaigns, thus providing a bridge for ‘global economic governance’ and ‘global health’

    3. Strengthen the WHO’s role, independence and assertiveness

    • The WHO is a natural focus for EG4Health. As an international health community we want the WHO to fulfil its mandated role of global health leadership on the social determinants of health.

    • Ultimately our goal is more technical capacity and a bigger budget for the WHO to work on the social determinants of health, including conducting Health and Social Impacts Assessments of international economic policy and trade agreements.

    4. Provide a platform for global health experts and advocates to work with experts and advocates who are working on global economic governance, poverty eradication and climate change.

    • Multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral research platforms currently exist. We now need multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral platforms for advocacy and policy development. Over time, we hope to raise dedicated funding for this.

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